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Jumat, 11 Juli 2014

Disbursement of Funds Entrepreneur How to Publish Torch 2 People?

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Disbursement of Funds Entrepreneur How to Publish Torch 2 People? 

Jakarta - Police Criminal Investigators examined two witnesses related to the case of the People's Torches, Yano Nuruhitu and Zaenal Asikin. They are a businessman and peyandang funds containing news tabloid slant on the Jokowi.

How much funding they gelontorkan for People Torches led Setyardi Budiyono and Darmawan Sepriyossa?

"From YN obtained Rp 200 million and Rp 250 million ZA. Submission of ZA to YN, then Rp 450 million was dierahkan on SB," said Head of Public Relations Inspector General of Police Ronny F Sompie, told reporters on Friday (07/11/2014) .

Of these funds Setyardi then print as many as 520 copies of the People Torches in printing in Bandung, PT MKS.

"Since it was handed over to PT Pos Indonesia to be distributed, the investigators seized 23 copies of PT Pos and it becomes evidence," said Ronny.

From several expert witnesses, investigators took a statement from the idol's new Press. "We still hope that there could be heard expert testimony for the construction of the Criminal Code," said Ronny.

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Together with Argentina reach Final, Demichelis: Thank You Pellegrini

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Together with Argentina reach Final, Demichelis: Thank You Pellegrini 

Rio de Janeiro - Could not be worried about the World Cup, Martin Demichelis actually reached the final with Argentina. Appreciation is given to the Manchester City defender Manuel Pellegrini.

Demichelis had lost his place in the national team of Argentina. For three years, since 2011, he is no longer a light blue shirt.

Approaching departure to Brazil, Demichelis finally called again by coach Alejandro Sabella. Hours of play at Manchester City and Malaga into consideration. Yes, it's no secret if Demichelis into Manuel Pellegrini's favorite player since at River Plate.

"I am indebted to Pellegrini. Then he asked me to Malaga to Manchester. Nobody greater gratitude than him," said Demichelis as quoted by ESPN.

"I always work hard as much as possible and people close to me know that I am struggling to get the most out of new opportunities again.

"Fortunately, I got it and results in the World Cup has exceeded expectations. Nobody moment exceeds this game," said 33-year-old footballer.

So far, the new Demichelis appeared in two games. He lined up as a starter in peremptfinal when Argentina face Belgium. Argentina reached the final and will meet with German at Maracana Stadium on Monday (14/7) pm dawn.

Selasa, 24 Juni 2014

Belgium vs. Russia: Collecting Capello

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FABIO Capello has failed to get a birthday gift 68th after  Russia  drew South Korea. When foster children met  Belgium  in World Cup Group H continued, at Estádio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro, Saturday (22/6) this evening, he was eager to get the pending gifts.
Unfortunately, in the midst of preparing his soldiers face crucial matches, the existence and capacity kemamuan  Fabio Capello began to question the Russian public. Like the Irish Times and GlobalPost released yesterday, the observers and fans of football in  Russia  began to harass Don Fabio.
Their basic point lies in the amount of the salary received by the Italian coach, which is 8.4 million euros, or more than Rp 168 billion per year!. The figure is now questionable assessed, after the visible, teams like Red Bear creations powerless when met representatives of Asian high at the premiere party.
Because only reap one point, a heavy burden is now focused on Vasily Berezutsky et al. Met  Belgium  is certainly not easy, because it may be materially Russia actually lost. Russian legend, Valeri Karpin judge, Capello was only limited ability to bring them to the level of Brazil 2014.  
"Their performance in the doldrums, even if only there is no creation, we will surely lose. Was a bad sign for Russia, moreover we will host status of the next four years. Much doubt Capello, now. Due to this reason, we hope he can give differentiator when meeting Belgium. was very tough game, and we need a bit of luck to get three points, "revealed Karpin.
Capello himself admits, his team did not play up when met South Korea. Many sides, especially the creation of the attack did not appear aka jammed. But the 68-year-old coach optimistic his team will reveal the best games in front of Belgium.
"Maybe we were a little nervous because it instantly get pressure South Korea. Now, everything is back to normal, and we face a fellow European team, which of course can make us more comfortable. I will prove it on the field," said Don Fabio.
Russian midfielder Alan Dzagoev insisted his side deserved to get a sharp criticism related not a special appearance in the first game. "But everything is getting an evaluation, and we will rise when he met Belgium. These three points is the price if we do not want to die hard in the last game," he said.
Capello was faced with the problem of Igor Akinfeev is regarded as the ringleader of a failure to get the full amount of the South. But the architect insists, will continue to provide confidence in the senior keeper. Akinfeev under the spotlight, after failing to anticipate speculative kick Lee Keun Ho.
Veteran striker, Alexander Kerzhakov, promised his team will not make mistakes again. "We are still very berambisius, and it will take us to the next round," said the player who had 12 years of costumed team.
Kubu Belgium itself has been preparing for the possibility of new creations that made ​​Capello. "He is an experienced coach, and would know what to do when the pinched condition. I have to prepare some alternatives," said Marc Wilmots, Coach Belgium.  

Results of the 2014 World Cup: Brazil vs Cameroon Final Score 1-4 Match June 24, 2014

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Results of the 2014 World Cup

Brazil vs Cameroon Final Score 1-4. Brazil successfully managed to advance to the last 16 of the Champions Group A. Four goals Neymar brazil printed in minute 10 '& 35', Fred 49 'and Fernandinho 84'. The only goal scored by J. Matip of Cameroon in minute 26 '.

Results of the 2014 World Cup: Brazil vs Cameroon 4-1 score Last Night . Brazil vs Cameroon match in Group A continuation of the 2014 World Cup last cried last night. The match took place at the Estádio Nacional de Brasília, Brasília, Distrito Federal, Tuesday (24/06/2014) early this morning ended with the score 4-1 to Brazil excellence. With this result the Brazilian came out as winners of Group A.
Brazil  which appear adamant sejaka beginning of the game finally able to break the deadlock in the 17th minute through goals scored by Neymar. As bait crossing horizontally from the left wing which is released Luiz Gustavo, Neymar accurate successful kick off to the right corner of the goal. Score 1-0
Not wanting manipulated, Cameroon finally able to reply in the 26th minute through Joel Matip feet. Starting from crossing Allan Nyom released into the face of goal, Joel Matip detached from the convoy Brazilian back line finally able to score and make the score 1-1.
Estádio Nacional de Brasília public roared back welcoming goals Samba team's state pride, this time Neymar relisted again his name on the scoreboard in the 34th minute with a goal from the kick. 2-1  Brazil  back ahead, these results persist until halftime.
Entering the second half, Brazil is getting crazy, at minute 49 sebuag accurate header goal came from Fred. Starting from a cross which is released David Luiz, Fred was able to bring the Brazilian getting away. Cameroon 3-1 getting worse.
Not satisfied embarrass Cameroon, Brazil finally ensure themselves top of Group A after the 84th minute, working together nicely Oscar and Willian Fernandinho finally able to be used successfully throw the ball into the goal Cameroon. 4-1 did not change until the long whistle signaled the end of the match played.
Preview:  Cameroon who came into  the World Cup  this year that Cameroon can not surprise anyone. They've lost twice in a row so that the chances of advancing to the next round lost. Goalkeeper Charles Itandje also had conceded five times. First when beaten Mexico 1-0, and the next time Croatia showered them with four goals without reply.

Spain performed poorly in the 2014 World Cup

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Spain performed poorly in the 2014 World Cup . Status as defending champions, La Furia Roja has been ascertained even surprisingly failed to qualify for the last 16 as a result has lost in the first two games.

In the first game, Spain faces made ​​the Netherlands 1-5. After that Iker Casillas and his friends met when the 0-2 defeat of Chile. The two defeats made ​​Spanish slumped at the bottom of Group B. Forces Vicente Del Bosque goal difference of -3 Australia, while they -6.

Spain still has one more match in the 2014 World Cup. On Monday (06/23/2014) night local time, Spain will face Australia. Though it will not produce a ticket to the last 16, the game shall be won by Spain in order to maintain self-esteem.

La Furia Roja certainly do not want to go down in history as the defending champions were eliminated in the early rounds directly with the worst record. Throughout history there are four World Cup champions were immediately fell in the early rounds. But the other four teams namely Italy (1950 and 2010), Brazil in 1966 and France in 2002 was always Able to get points.

del Bosque is Likely to change the composition of the current Australian players meet. Some new faces will be trusted as a starter. Iker Casillas almost certainly condemned Because It performed poorly in the first two games.

Casillas will be replaced by Jose Reina or David De Gea. In midfield, Koke almost certainly be a starter replace Xavi Hernandez. Besides Koke, Juan Mata and Santi Cazorla possibility to play from the first minute.

Such Spain, Australia also do not want to end the World Cup with a record of always lose. Unfortunately, Australia can not get down with Tim Cahill. The player who scored two of the three goals that Australia must be absent due to suspension.

Australian who arrived in Brazil with the lowest Price to PROVE FIFA ranking representative of Asia is not a goal barns. - See more at: # sthash.L1WhkjLR.dpuf

Results of the 2014 World Cup

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Results of the 2014 World Cup : Croatia vs Mexico Final Score 1-3. Goal R. Márquez Mexico printed 72 ', A. Guardado 75', J. Hernández 82 '. Goal I. Perisic printed Croatia 87 cheerleaders. " With this result Mexico will accompany Brazil advanced to the round of 16.

Results of the 2014 World Cup: Mexico vs.. Croatia 1-3 Scores Last Night. Croatia vs. Mexico match in the preliminary round Group A continuation of the 2014 World Cup draw took place last night. Croatia vs Mexico match on Tuesday (24/06/2014) early this morning in Itaipava Arena Pernambuco, Recife, Pernambuco ended with the score 1 - 3. With this result Mexico Brazil to accompany the round of 16.
The first round held tough, Mexico many times get a golden opportunity but still have not been Able to break the deadlock. Meanwhile relying on counterattacks play Croatia were built, but unfortunately also not been Able to score. The first half ended with the score 0-0 glasses.
Entering the second half the game pattern is not too much different. Croatia took the initiative to attack in the early minutes, but has not met the targets. Mexico meanwhile have great hopes were Able to break the deadlock with Dos Santos pulls out and replace it with Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez in the second half.

The entry of Chicharito bring fresh air to Mexico. Deputy Central America that now dominate the match, until Mexico finally able to break the deadlock in the 72nd minute through a header Marquez. Starting from a corner kick which releases Herrera Herrera scalable, Marquez successfully throw the ball in the goal Stipe Pletikosa. Score 0-1.
Three minutes later Mexican Guardado doubled the lead foot. Starting from behind the attacks launched by Mexico, Peralta give feedback ripe to the far post, did not want to waste the golden opportunity, Guardado Mexico finally able to double the advantage over Croatia to 0-2.
Entering Mexico 82 minutes further away, this time turn Chicharito who listed themselves on the scoreboard. Starting from a corner kick that was on Marquez, the United striker cleverly throws the skin round the wicket Croatia. Score 0-3.

Not wanting to be embarrassed three goals without reply, Croatia finally able to create a consolation goal on 87 minutes. Bait released Raktic, Perisic was able to kick off the goal guarded by Ochoa. Score 1-3 to win Mexico changed until the long whistle signaled the game was over dibuyikan. With this result Mexico to qualify for the Big 16.
Preview:  There is no trick to fool the eye in this game. The only possibility of both teams to relax, is when Brazil Defeated Cameroon to score a landslide. In fact, Cameroon is the weakest team in Group A. With the logic that it is impossible, Croatia and Mexico only after the victory.